Tuesday, October 21, 2008

OBama or McCain - who's worth my vote?

Don't know who to vote for? All that effort, listening, reading, watching debates? Let me solve this issue for you easily.

Remember that the positives AND THE NEGATIVES generated by both campaigns are simply campaign propaganda from two corrupted parties. We now know from the events that have unfolded this year, that the Republican party is just as corrupt as the Democratic, if not more so. We've seen how any members of these parties who are not corrupt are treated by their party. When two corrupted parties select their candidates, what does that tell you about the candidates? Yep, they are the most likely to obey the party dictates and that is all the party is concerned about.

Therefore, what those candidates say or propose in order to get elected IS MEANINGLESS! You're simply voting on who's lie you like better or who doesn't scare you as much. It's doesn't matter whether they're socialistic leaning or conservative leaning. It doesn't matter whether they're smart or dumb. It doesn't matter whether they're pretty and eloquent or not. Because, once they sit in that office, they're just going to do what they're told to do by the entities that play both parties like a violin anyway.

The one thing neither candidate has done is back up their "plan" with a commitment. Without a commitment, they're plans are no more than part of their campaign scripts which will vanish once the campaign is over. Remember old "READ MY LIPS"? The best crafted plans will die in the house, as planned, unless there is a binding commitment with real teeth behind it. Otherwise, it's all part of the show.

I truly suggest everyone avoid getting wrapped up in this scripted soap opera that has become our presidential election process and head Ron Paul's advice. At least vote for someone from a party not proven corrupt. Keep your focus local and use that energy to pay attention and be involved with who is elected into positions here locally. This is where we actually have power and the results of our efforts will pay off, ultimately benefitting the nation as well.

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