Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Vote for John McCain OR ELSE!!!

A good friend sent me a op-ed piece that said, in a nutshell, if we don't all vote for John McCain, Iran will end up selling nukes to terrorists and little mushrooms will start popping up all across America.

To that I said:

Interesting yes, but the principle is wrong. Basically, fear is still being used to make us choose who to vote for. Now could we solve the fear problem another way? The current bounty for Osama Bin Laden is $50 million dollars. How many “BILLIONS” have we spent looking for him? If the bounty were $1 Billion dollars, could he hide? And if he couldn’t, how much would that have saved us in lives and the near 1 TRILLION dollars of expense from it all? If we simply offered a $1 Billion Dollar bounty on any entity responsible for causing an event that results in the loss of more than 500 lives, who could hide?

I think there is a tragic loss in efficiency when cash is converted into military action for the purpose of accomplishing change. If the cash was simply used to make the change, how many times would this have proven cheaper in time, cost and lives? Imagine how quickly the problems in Vietnam could have been solved with the proper application of a fraction of the cash that our military action actually cost. Also, any leader who goes through the trouble to develop nuclear weapons and then decides to wholesale them terrorists just debased his own power he fought to get. I think most corrupt leaders will figure that out before they get there.

I still plan on voting for Bob Barr myself, unless Ron Paul magically appears on the ballot. There will always be a big scare that can be used against the voter, always. Time to quit being afraid and do what's right. If you're afraid, you're just a tool for someone who controls the fear.

He responded, "well I just might encourage a terrorist to do something if I know I could rat him out later". To that I say, yes, and if I was the terrorist, I just might kill you first knowing that you might rat me out later.

Bounties are very successful, look at the "X Prizes" which are awarded for ingenuity and ground breaking accomplishments. Before we had a cop on every corner, we had bounties and we still do. It's an old idea whose time has come and remains.

Think about it folks. The US military is good at war. But whatever label you put on the "war against terrorism", it's not a real war - that's just a metaphor. And, if it's not a real war, then using the US military to deal with it is simply using the wrong tool for the job. A bounty creates an army of entrepreneurs and it's also a deterrent for the bad guys. And, guess what, a bounty doesn't cost ANYTHING until the task is accomplished! Now who's better at getting a job done for the least amount of money in the quickest time possible, the US government or entrepreneurs?