Thursday, April 19, 2007

CNN hides answer to prevent Virginia Tech Shooting

Yep, no surprise here. CNN had the historical evidence to help comfort people that there was a solution to stop the kind of killing rampage that went on at Virginia Tech. Oddly enough, the piece of evidence was only 5 years ago, at the Virginia Appalachian School of Law. There, in 2002 another deadly rampage began but two bold students took a risk and ran to their cars, retireved their own weapons and stopped the maniac. Here's the CNN story:

"Police said as Odighizuwa exited the building three other students grabbed and subdued him."

Good job CNN - just skip right over what actually happened. What actually worked. Why Virginia Tech is a slaughter house and Virginia School of Law isn't. Here's the COMPLETE and true story, see if you can see what legislators could have done to prevent most of this tragedy at Virginia Tech:

In Reno Nevada, Priscilla Ford went on a rampage and killed 6 people and wounded 20 others. She did it with a loaded... car (a Lincoln). So spin your wheels passing gun control laws.

Isn't it obvious to anyone with half a brain that the threat of resistance controls the path havoc takes? Guess what path that is... it's the path of least resistance! Let me make the analogy again, if you were determined to rob a bank, would you rob the bank you knew may have at least one person who is carrying a gun or would rob the bank where you knew nobody had a gun? How many gun stores get robbed by armed robbers? COME ON PEOPLE! YOUR BEST DEFENCE IS YOURSELF. ARM YOURSELF.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Virginia Tech Shooting - how to stop this.

I have moved to this site so if you didn't follow me from my previous blogs ( then let me just tell you, I don't candy coat and I like to solve problems, not just wine about them.

I heard someone say, "32 dead, 20 some odd wounded? Wow, sounds like a good day in Iraq." Maybe this is a callus statement but true none-the-less. Why does this shit happen? Here's my analysis:

1. People are too soft. We've now grown two generations of weaklings who never even imagined the concept of the their teacher being able to hit them or their parents delivering corporal punishment. Soft people break under pressure.

2. Unescapable consequences. We have some pretty tough laws for some pretty minor crimes these days and the technology to pursue someone across the globe for them. When you trap an animal in a corner, expect the worst.

Now, I don't know what this kid's gripe was and I don't know if anyone ever will. Maybe he was good at FPS games and after he snapped figured he'd play one last game. I don't think that FPS games are the problem, but they do offer training for people who've got a problem.

So, here's my solutions to prevent these types of massacres:

1. AGAIN, more private citizens trained to carry concealed weapons. - May not have prevented it but it might have stopped it from going this far.
2. Repeal child abuse laws which have gone too far and removed the rights of parents to effectively discipline children. This will help develop stronger character children in the future.
3. Repeal lots of overly aggressive and oppressive laws. This will reduce the number of criminals in our society and create a safety valve for those who "blow" by allowing them to make the decision of a crucial sacrifice besides their own lives.

These three things would help prevent family shooting/suicides as well.

Remember, we have covered the solutions to our problems in stone (laws). Adding more stone (laws) will not solve our problems. It's time to sculpt our solutions which is done by cutting away the stone.

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