Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Now who's the richest man in the world?

You may have heard that Warren Buffet recently surpassed Bill Gates again as being the richest man in the world. But, the media missed an even bigger event. Completely without warning, without notice or prediction another man has completely eclipsed Warren Buffet by almost 10 times - maybe more! You may have heard his name - Henry Paulson.

Henry Paulson made his wealth rapidly by happening to be at the right place at the right time. In less than a week, Henry Paulson hit the greatest lottery of all time! $700 BILLION DOLLARS! That's right - congress gave Mr. Paulson your money and your children's money to spend almost as he pleases. While he can't put a Billion in his back pocket, there's nothing to stop him from making all kinds of new friends and swaddling old ones who will make sure he benefits from his handouts somehow.

If you don't think that's possible, just check your congressmen and state leaders. Great plan. But wait, it gets better.

So, up until this point, congress's main control over the executive branch was through finance. If the executive branch wants to do something that costs money it has to either ask congress or sponsor a black ops mission that sells arms or drugs to raise the money covertly. Now, congress just gave the executive branch $700 Billion - almost an entire years budget free and clear. The executive branch won't have to ask congress for anything until it runs out of money again! It can do almost anything it wants. SWEET! Good plan. Ron Paul, please save us all.

Excuse me, I voted.

Campaign reform? How about let's start with voter reform! So now, O'Bama is president. No surprise. But, because I voted FOR someone instead of AGAINST someone like many of you did, I don't have to lie or feel uncomfortable when a staunch OBama supporter asks me "did you vote for OBama?" I can say "well, I didn't vote for McCain, but I did vote." And if a former McCain supporter asks me similar I can say, "well, I didn't vote for O'Bama, but I did vote." I learned a great lesson this election and never again will I let fear control my vote. If you have to vote against someone instead of for someone, you're letting fear control your vote. You can usually find someone to vote for, it's just likely they're not going to win.

For some reason, we've decided we need to vote for winners rather than who we think is right. That's more like sports betting than the voting this country needs. Funny thing is, the media now handles elections like they're sporting events - did you notice that? The party leadership tells us who those "winners" are. And there ya go. So, I say we need voter reform. Start voting the way your vote was intended to count - for someone, not against someone. Find the candidate who you like and support him - regardless of his chances. If we all voted by this principle, our government would be much different - much better.

Now, will OBama bring us the "change" so many of us are hoping for? When was the last time we had a president who really delivered on his campaign promises? For those of you who are afraid OBama will deliver on those promises - fear not. Only a fraction may ever see the light of day. For those of you who are counting on those promises to come true - don't hold your breath.