Sunday, November 3, 2013

ObamaCare and Social Security - Doh!

Many decades ago, our government decided that too many people were not planning for their retirement and forced everyone who was employed to use a plan managed by the government. Many people are grateful that social security was there for them. Although, they never had a chance to divert those funds to anything but that and may have been better or worse, they will never know.

But, no one denies that the government has stolen most of that money and used it as a slush fund which it now repays from borrowed money. And because Social Security is scheduled to be bankrupt, now, honest hardworking people who have paid into social security for most of their lives may never see a penny of that paid back to them. Thus, the government is now deciding to renege on it's promise to pay back everyone who paid in so it can ration what it does have to those who it decides need it.

So, we trusted our government to administer our retirement (but we had no choice - we were forced to pay into it). And now, they've spent our retirement on too many things other than our retirement, giving them an excuse to not honor their contract with everyone they owe.

Fast forward 10, maybe 20 years with Obamacare and ask yourself if there is any reason we should trust the government with the funds we give them to administer for our health care? What has changed that will assure us we can trust them to use our money for just our health care and to manage it wisely? I've seen nothing, from any administration or congress in the last 20 years that shows that government is a wise money manager. 
Just sayin'- something smells fishy to me!