Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Now who's the richest man in the world?

You may have heard that Warren Buffet recently surpassed Bill Gates again as being the richest man in the world. But, the media missed an even bigger event. Completely without warning, without notice or prediction another man has completely eclipsed Warren Buffet by almost 10 times - maybe more! You may have heard his name - Henry Paulson.

Henry Paulson made his wealth rapidly by happening to be at the right place at the right time. In less than a week, Henry Paulson hit the greatest lottery of all time! $700 BILLION DOLLARS! That's right - congress gave Mr. Paulson your money and your children's money to spend almost as he pleases. While he can't put a Billion in his back pocket, there's nothing to stop him from making all kinds of new friends and swaddling old ones who will make sure he benefits from his handouts somehow.

If you don't think that's possible, just check your congressmen and state leaders. Great plan. But wait, it gets better.

So, up until this point, congress's main control over the executive branch was through finance. If the executive branch wants to do something that costs money it has to either ask congress or sponsor a black ops mission that sells arms or drugs to raise the money covertly. Now, congress just gave the executive branch $700 Billion - almost an entire years budget free and clear. The executive branch won't have to ask congress for anything until it runs out of money again! It can do almost anything it wants. SWEET! Good plan. Ron Paul, please save us all.

Excuse me, I voted.

Campaign reform? How about let's start with voter reform! So now, O'Bama is president. No surprise. But, because I voted FOR someone instead of AGAINST someone like many of you did, I don't have to lie or feel uncomfortable when a staunch OBama supporter asks me "did you vote for OBama?" I can say "well, I didn't vote for McCain, but I did vote." And if a former McCain supporter asks me similar I can say, "well, I didn't vote for O'Bama, but I did vote." I learned a great lesson this election and never again will I let fear control my vote. If you have to vote against someone instead of for someone, you're letting fear control your vote. You can usually find someone to vote for, it's just likely they're not going to win.

For some reason, we've decided we need to vote for winners rather than who we think is right. That's more like sports betting than the voting this country needs. Funny thing is, the media now handles elections like they're sporting events - did you notice that? The party leadership tells us who those "winners" are. And there ya go. So, I say we need voter reform. Start voting the way your vote was intended to count - for someone, not against someone. Find the candidate who you like and support him - regardless of his chances. If we all voted by this principle, our government would be much different - much better.

Now, will OBama bring us the "change" so many of us are hoping for? When was the last time we had a president who really delivered on his campaign promises? For those of you who are afraid OBama will deliver on those promises - fear not. Only a fraction may ever see the light of day. For those of you who are counting on those promises to come true - don't hold your breath.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

OBama or McCain - who's worth my vote?

Don't know who to vote for? All that effort, listening, reading, watching debates? Let me solve this issue for you easily.

Remember that the positives AND THE NEGATIVES generated by both campaigns are simply campaign propaganda from two corrupted parties. We now know from the events that have unfolded this year, that the Republican party is just as corrupt as the Democratic, if not more so. We've seen how any members of these parties who are not corrupt are treated by their party. When two corrupted parties select their candidates, what does that tell you about the candidates? Yep, they are the most likely to obey the party dictates and that is all the party is concerned about.

Therefore, what those candidates say or propose in order to get elected IS MEANINGLESS! You're simply voting on who's lie you like better or who doesn't scare you as much. It's doesn't matter whether they're socialistic leaning or conservative leaning. It doesn't matter whether they're smart or dumb. It doesn't matter whether they're pretty and eloquent or not. Because, once they sit in that office, they're just going to do what they're told to do by the entities that play both parties like a violin anyway.

The one thing neither candidate has done is back up their "plan" with a commitment. Without a commitment, they're plans are no more than part of their campaign scripts which will vanish once the campaign is over. Remember old "READ MY LIPS"? The best crafted plans will die in the house, as planned, unless there is a binding commitment with real teeth behind it. Otherwise, it's all part of the show.

I truly suggest everyone avoid getting wrapped up in this scripted soap opera that has become our presidential election process and head Ron Paul's advice. At least vote for someone from a party not proven corrupt. Keep your focus local and use that energy to pay attention and be involved with who is elected into positions here locally. This is where we actually have power and the results of our efforts will pay off, ultimately benefitting the nation as well.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

No jobs at hand, except hand jobs.

A friend just emailed me a link to an article stating that the beloved "Vise-Grip" is ceasing production in Nebraska and going - guess where... Funny huh? Yeah, the Federal government manages to spend almost $1 Trillion in Iraq and now, $700 Billion or more bailing out multinational banks but a simple tax break for small USA manufacturers? Nope.

Well, the multiple bubble bursts has caused a lot of bubble surfing companies to shrink or vanish thus doing the same with their associated employment slots. But what about the underlying cause of the diminishing availability of middle class jobs that was happening well before this? The answer is simple. To trade, you have to have something to trade. In order to have something to trade, you have to produce. Where has production gone? You already know. But in case you wanted to know what was said about 8 years ago and 9 steps to fixing the economy, check this out:
The China Eclipse.
It's remarkable how time proves truths.

McCain, Obama, the same, more drama.

It costs something like $100 million dollars to buy a shot at the white house. Neither McCain or OBama have that kind of wealth to risk. So, somebody has to anti-up. Those somebodies are due an awful lot of favors when their boy gets into office. The smartest of those somebodies know the way to be sure you get the favors you need is to invest in both guys. There are a lot of those smart ones. Thus, both OBama and McCain have a lot of common favors that are due. This is why a two party system works so well! If it were a four or more party system, the cost would be twice or more times as much to make sure your bases were covered and you got your needed favors. And, a one party system just doesn't give the illusion of fairness.

OK, so we have a system that works well for corruption and cronyism. But what we need is one that doesn't. The main problem is that people have been trained to seek the advice of a few simple media outlets. People are lazy and the media that takes the least effort to absorb and provides the most entertainment is the most popular media. And, those media outlets ultimately profit from the expenses of campaigns and are owned by huge conglomerates who also get "favors" from their political investments.

The internet has opened a vast number of new channels which are outside of the control of the primary media providers. Thus, quite a few more candidates made it farther in this race than before. But still, the system in place won and will continue to win. What happened to Ron Paul is perfect example of such. And, most people would never devote the time and effort necessary to uncover and absorb the real story - it's easier to believe what the main media outlets are willing to say.

As with all else, the best way to be fully aware and qualified to make the decisions you as a voter must make is for those decisions to be in the context of your daily life and local to you. That way, you're much better informed and aware when you make those decision. This is why more local control is better because you then have more control over the issues that affect you. Yet, being lazy, it's easier to foist our issues and their decisions onto someone else who is ultimately farther away and cares less but can easily see what's in it for him. And through the years we've done this to the point that the Federal government is the size that it is and is as invasive as it is.

If you vote Democrat or Republican Party for Party sake, your perpetuating the problem, regardless of what fears those parties have used to stir you with. Think about it - what do they always say? What are they the most afraid of? They're afraid you'll "throw your vote away." What they're really afraid of is that they'll lose control. Don't be a coward, vote for someone who's outside of the two puppet parties. No one office controls the government. If you accidentally put an ape into office, not much will change. But, putting an ape into office will upset the two party corruption machine if you do it enough.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Vote for John McCain OR ELSE!!!

A good friend sent me a op-ed piece that said, in a nutshell, if we don't all vote for John McCain, Iran will end up selling nukes to terrorists and little mushrooms will start popping up all across America.

To that I said:

Interesting yes, but the principle is wrong. Basically, fear is still being used to make us choose who to vote for. Now could we solve the fear problem another way? The current bounty for Osama Bin Laden is $50 million dollars. How many “BILLIONS” have we spent looking for him? If the bounty were $1 Billion dollars, could he hide? And if he couldn’t, how much would that have saved us in lives and the near 1 TRILLION dollars of expense from it all? If we simply offered a $1 Billion Dollar bounty on any entity responsible for causing an event that results in the loss of more than 500 lives, who could hide?

I think there is a tragic loss in efficiency when cash is converted into military action for the purpose of accomplishing change. If the cash was simply used to make the change, how many times would this have proven cheaper in time, cost and lives? Imagine how quickly the problems in Vietnam could have been solved with the proper application of a fraction of the cash that our military action actually cost. Also, any leader who goes through the trouble to develop nuclear weapons and then decides to wholesale them terrorists just debased his own power he fought to get. I think most corrupt leaders will figure that out before they get there.

I still plan on voting for Bob Barr myself, unless Ron Paul magically appears on the ballot. There will always be a big scare that can be used against the voter, always. Time to quit being afraid and do what's right. If you're afraid, you're just a tool for someone who controls the fear.

He responded, "well I just might encourage a terrorist to do something if I know I could rat him out later". To that I say, yes, and if I was the terrorist, I just might kill you first knowing that you might rat me out later.

Bounties are very successful, look at the "X Prizes" which are awarded for ingenuity and ground breaking accomplishments. Before we had a cop on every corner, we had bounties and we still do. It's an old idea whose time has come and remains.

Think about it folks. The US military is good at war. But whatever label you put on the "war against terrorism", it's not a real war - that's just a metaphor. And, if it's not a real war, then using the US military to deal with it is simply using the wrong tool for the job. A bounty creates an army of entrepreneurs and it's also a deterrent for the bad guys. And, guess what, a bounty doesn't cost ANYTHING until the task is accomplished! Now who's better at getting a job done for the least amount of money in the quickest time possible, the US government or entrepreneurs?

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Is EBay influencing CraigsList?

Well, it sure wouldn't surprise me EBay holds a significant ownership of it. And even if the purchase was crafted so that EBay had little power, they'll always have lobbying power. Of course, the point is mute now that CraigsList is suing EBay. I realize this may seem like it's not a "USA Problem" that needs to be solved. But actually it is.

It's a USA disease to seek a fanatic level of protection from every possibility. That's why you can go to Mexico and snorkel through lava tubes and witness their darkly lit, sharp edges and pristine natural beauty without restricted areas, hand rails, safety nets or rubber bumpers. But, you couldn't do it here. It's why you get on a boat there, go to the second level which may be nothing more than a roof with a 8" high rail and enjoy a beer without someone chasing you down, insurance waivers, safety harnesses. It's why we don't have the variety of fuel efficient automobiles available here that are in many other parts of the world. Basically, it's because we think we need to be nannied from cradle to grave and we constantly introduce everything from play rules to legislation to embody it. Because... NO ONE WANTS TO GET SUED RIGHT???

Back to Craigslist. Craigslist has been a sanctuary site for much of the commerce and activities that the prim and proper (or PC) of our society despise, those who would rather force the rest of us to not have any choice. EBay has succeed at failing much in the last 4 years because it has rolled to the whim of every cry baby - guns, animal furs, dates with models, pirated goods, fraud, pyrotechnics, insulting art. Its goods are now a collection of what the directors of EBay subjectively allow and try to enforced by their erroneous software or the simple accusation of someone unknown, with no appeal or courtesy. They have forgotten that their customer is the seller and not the buyer. They are ripe for a competitor to steal their show.

Craigslist has resisted the temptation to snatch a penny for of every pixel, they've resisted the temptation to constantly evolve their software to a nanny with no sense or remorse. And, they've resisted the temptation to apply vast morals and precautions to their site, like EBay, until very recently.

These two comments posted by users regarding CraigsList new phone verification policy embody the balance of the argument in this post.

  1. Raelene Says:

    I can not tell you how fantastic it is that Craigslist is taking steps to prevent humantrafficking for sexual slavery on it’s web sites. Thank you.

    I look forward to reading more.

  2. Thomas Says:

    Oh gawd please… many people have made more of a legitimate business out of what should already be a legitimate business (as it is a victimless crime) thanks to Craigslist. But now, those who are on the edge are forced off into what maybe real crimes with real victims and far more dangers. Those people FAR outnumber the few unfortunate individuals who may actually be victims of human trafficking here in the USA. I realize some of you may think the heinousness of a crime somehow increases its statistics of occurrence but it doesn’t, only the fear factor increases which makes it easier to control the minds of those who do not have perspective.

    One way to kill freedom of speech, free expression and experimentation is to remove the possibility of anonymity. It’s a slippery slope Craigslist has stepped on, soon all categories will have some sobbing mother’s reason why they need verification.

    I would suggest CL implement a statement on each ad as to whether a posting is verified or not and let the viewer decide then if they wish to partake of the ad’s contents.


Well, sure enough, the second poster's comment is already coming to reality. The blog from CraigsList announced the phone verification would be for "Erotic Services". However, it is now required for many other categories. Did EBay pass it's disease onto Craigslist before they parted? I hope not.

People on Craigslist have become savvy and know how to protect themselves against much fraud and how to change the channel when something offends them. Now craigslist is taking that responsibility on, leaving us to their rose glasses and sterile bubbles. New users will forever be marks for those who continually defy Criagslist attempts to protect them and weakness and stupidity will breed among its users until, Craigslist is the censor, police, judge and executioner for everyone and once again, it will forget who its customers are.

Well, lets hope not. Of course, the solution to this all is tort reform. :)

Friday, March 21, 2008

The Zealot Witch Project. Child Sex hysteria.

Kitty Porn, Kiddie Pron, child formography and all the correct spellings. Folks, welcome to the modern day witch hunt. Where, yes, by simply clicking on a link to website sponsored by the FBI (which has no actual illegal content) you can get the treat of being pulled out of your house at 7:00am, thrown on the ground and hand cuffed. And then, of course, if they find ANYTHING, not only are you screwed right there on the ground but the rest of your life is destroyed. This is thought police pure and simple ala Minority Report.

Child pornography is a HUGE HUGE HUGE problem. Consider that Operation ORE,
a large scale international police effort to indict website users of Child Pornography since 1999 has netted 7,250 suspect, 4,283 homes searched, 3,744 arrests, 1,848 charged, 1,451 convictions, 493 cautioned, 879 investigations underway, 140 children removed from suspected dangerous situations and at least 35 suicides. That's 1,451 convictions on a planet of almost 6 Billion people or 0.00000024%, 1 in 4 million. . Certainly, it's well worth the extraordinary expense and time, the changing legislation and pursuing with prejudice.

Why do we let this happen? Some of you may think that the end results justify the means. Child sex crimes are deplorable, worse than murder itself. Why? Because most of the victims of childhood sex abuse are so scared from the event that they would rather have been killed than survive to adulthood and enjoyed life. Their lives are destroyed, they commit crimes and hurt people for the rest of their lives making them complete liabilities for society and an utter waste of sympathy by the time their lives have run their course. Obviously this crime is worthy of the death penalty. It's justified. The victims have no life left, it's been taken from them. They can not enjoy the sunshine, a smile on their mother's face, none of them have the desire to have children and know the joy of parenting. They can no longer achieve anything of value and so there is no further appreciation for life. Euthanasia appeals to them and they want to die alone. Or so I've heard. Although, I've known quite a few people who were the "victims" of childhood sexual abuse (at least as the law defines it). Not one of them I know of suffers from these stereotypes but maybe I know all those who are the exceptions to the above. Don't take my sarcasm the wrong way. Child abuse is deplorable, whether it's sexual or otherwise. It's our definition of abuse that has gotten WAY beyond sensible and effective.

But, if you still think the laws and the zealot enforcement of them is justified, well then, we are no longer a nation of laws. We have become a nation of suspicion. We speculate as to who will break the law and then punish them before any crime is ever committed. This has happened before in the history of our country: the Salem Witch Trials, WWII Japanese Internment Camps, and others throughout history. And, hot on the tail of this latest fad of enforcement and hysteria is the whole terrorism show. But that's another rant for another day.

We are so sensitive to the crime of child sexual abuse that we have elevated the priority of punishment of that crime above all others including murder and even mass murder. If you look at the sentencing and time served of people who have had sexual relationships with children, it is often harsher than those of murderers. And, the treatment of those who are sentenced, once in prison, is harsher by their own piers. Furthermore, there is lifelong persecution thereafter once a long time has been served by being identified forever on a public sex offender's list and having to register every time you move. This is insanity! Where is the equity in punishment? I was raised with the traditional rules of morality and murder was the highest crime. Now, child pornography, child sex, drugs, and terrorism all seem to rate higher if you go by the level of punishment.

Here's how far it's gone. If you draw a picture suggesting sex with a minor, in the law's eye you're a sex offender and you've broken the law. But, you can produce and sell a whole video game where you run simulations of committing mass murder in an elementary school with a assault rifle and that's entertainment.

If my child (and I have three) is in a dark alley alone and I had to chose if the stranger in front of her is a sex offender or a serial killer, sorry folks, maybe I'm twisted here, but I'm choosing the sex offender. Because I value her life more than her virginity. The idea of the loss of the later is revolting and turns my stomach. But the loss of her forever? I would never get over that. That could destroy me.

Furthermore, the definition of a murderer is crystal clear compared to that of a sex offender. To be a murderer, someone has to die (uh - gee, it has a victim???). To be a sex offender, you could be anything from someone who pissed on the street to someone who downloaded naughty child images to someone who had sex with a 15yo when you were 17 or actually assaulted to someone who raped and maybe even killed children. While the law may treat you differently based on what "tier" of sex offender you are, the general title seems to be treated equally by those who would persecute sex offenders.

Many convicted sex offenders were in consensual circumstances where no one was harmed. And yet, the elder of the couple has had their lives destroyed. It has been proven that minors who are a party in consensual sex have very little if any provable social abnormalities and rarely consider themselves victims.

Intentional or not, legislators and governments are using the hysteria of child related sex crimes to steal our liberties and gain control of lives - many laws have been enacted to curtail or punish the use of the internet when related to these activities. But these enforcement facilities go well beyond the scope of what is necessary to do the job, allowing their utility to be explored and its power to be abused in other areas.

Fad hysterias which come and go through the ages are ultimately the tools of those in power and nearly always hurt society by creating chaos of otherwise sensible moral priorities in our society. Child molestation and sex offender laws are the example of the day. Our irrational reaction to these crimes has, unchecked, allowed for some of the most excessive punishments and broad definitions of criminal acts to infect our justice system. The cost, not only in terms of dollars but in innocent soles is just not worth the benefit of being able to make life more difficult than it already was for hard core offenders. Assault and Murder are still the worst crimes, we shouldn't dilute that by letting our emotions change the legislation that was put in place to reflect that.

Added 01-14-2009 It takes a study to prove hysteria- NYT

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Ron Paul, 2 plans are better than one.

Many people have discovered Ron Paul and through him have begun to learn some of the principles of Libertarians or Original Republicans as Dr. Paul might say. As was pointed out by a very astute gentleman on from the, there are many people who have just learned of Dr. Ron Paul and are heavily invested in him. If he loses, they will be burned out and walk away from politics and refuse to get involved in the future. It is very important for us all to remember that Dr. Ron Paul's greatest contribution to us all and his victory is that he has set an example and provided a platform for people to see and understand how many Libertarian principles could save our country. And, that these ideas require the responsibility of everyone to stay educated, involved and self governing. Those three points must persist, even if Dr. Paul does not. And, those three points will help us find success, if even through another path. We will still need libertarian thinking Congressmen, Senators, judges, state and local leaders to truely restore freedom and greatness that founded America.

One doctor can heal our country better than 100 attorneys.

Dr. Paul is one of the few politicians who's credentials show both his intelligence, and where his heart is. Whereas, most of his opponents have names that end with Esq. I have friends who are attorneys, some of them are pretty damn smart. A very small few are actually principled.

But in general, Attorneys are trained to be paid advocates, hired guns. Their talents are bought by the highest bidder, to do their bidding, whether the attorney believes it's right or wrong. This is why having a government that is full of attorneys is a ripe target for corruption. These people are already trained and accepting of the notion of selling their principles and doing someone else's bidding.

The old saying, "if it walks like a duck and it quacks like a duck, it's a duck" holds quite true for judging our leaders. Regardless of what they tell you, their record is their integrity. Whether you support Ron Paul ideas or not, it's pretty damn hard to degrade the man's integrity by his voting record. And, if you think you've found an inconsistency in it, chances are you misunderstood or missed something.

Ron Paul has recognized for decades that what ails this country is government sprawl. People who whine that he did not support a program that would have benefited some group, are the same people who whine about getting a shot to make them healthier.

I think it's time we put a medical doctor in the office of the President, because this country needs some serious help. Dr. Ron Paul is the only candidate with the intelligence and integrity to actually perform the surgery.