Thursday, January 10, 2008

Ron Paul, 2 plans are better than one.

Many people have discovered Ron Paul and through him have begun to learn some of the principles of Libertarians or Original Republicans as Dr. Paul might say. As was pointed out by a very astute gentleman on from the, there are many people who have just learned of Dr. Ron Paul and are heavily invested in him. If he loses, they will be burned out and walk away from politics and refuse to get involved in the future. It is very important for us all to remember that Dr. Ron Paul's greatest contribution to us all and his victory is that he has set an example and provided a platform for people to see and understand how many Libertarian principles could save our country. And, that these ideas require the responsibility of everyone to stay educated, involved and self governing. Those three points must persist, even if Dr. Paul does not. And, those three points will help us find success, if even through another path. We will still need libertarian thinking Congressmen, Senators, judges, state and local leaders to truely restore freedom and greatness that founded America.

One doctor can heal our country better than 100 attorneys.

Dr. Paul is one of the few politicians who's credentials show both his intelligence, and where his heart is. Whereas, most of his opponents have names that end with Esq. I have friends who are attorneys, some of them are pretty damn smart. A very small few are actually principled.

But in general, Attorneys are trained to be paid advocates, hired guns. Their talents are bought by the highest bidder, to do their bidding, whether the attorney believes it's right or wrong. This is why having a government that is full of attorneys is a ripe target for corruption. These people are already trained and accepting of the notion of selling their principles and doing someone else's bidding.

The old saying, "if it walks like a duck and it quacks like a duck, it's a duck" holds quite true for judging our leaders. Regardless of what they tell you, their record is their integrity. Whether you support Ron Paul ideas or not, it's pretty damn hard to degrade the man's integrity by his voting record. And, if you think you've found an inconsistency in it, chances are you misunderstood or missed something.

Ron Paul has recognized for decades that what ails this country is government sprawl. People who whine that he did not support a program that would have benefited some group, are the same people who whine about getting a shot to make them healthier.

I think it's time we put a medical doctor in the office of the President, because this country needs some serious help. Dr. Ron Paul is the only candidate with the intelligence and integrity to actually perform the surgery.