Monday, December 17, 2007

Americans try to bomb Washington!

You heard it right! Washington is under attack. And it's under attack from the American public. Fed up with the bullshit and endless promises to nowhere but down, the American people have started building a bomb they hope to drop on Washington next year. This bomb's name is Ron Paul. It's a very expensive bomb but if it get's dropped, it's targeted right for the presidency. If it explodes on target, many of us hope it will spew truth and anti-corruption tactics into this decaying and infested zone which has eaten away most of the foundation of our country, the constitution. Thereafter it will transform into a machine which tears down the waste, bureaucracy and frees millions of Americans to again be responsible for themselves, inspiring new levels of intelligence in a population which was almost ready for it's government to literally think for them. Finally, restoring sound fiscal policy and saving the American people from a near total loss of wealth. Well, OK, maybe lofty expectations, but he's a definite shot in the right direction.

Like the Matrix, our government sees us all as batteries to feed it's ever growing hunger for power and control. "The One", Ron Paul, like Neo, has amassed an army of "last hope" supporters and has also amassed a complimentary enemy of sellout politicians, lobbiests and special interests who were continually confounded in their attempts to corrupt Ron Paul for his last 10 years in Congress.

Whether you like everything Ron Paul thinks and says or not, he is the only candidate we have you can truly vote FOR instead of trying to figure out who to vote against. Help us complete and deploy the "Ron Paul Bomb" on Washington. Please learn more and donate to:

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Define "Matter of National Security"

I think that if you were to ask a presiding politician what an example of a "matter of National security" (MNS) would be, the answer would be something reasonable. However, I bet if you looked at the actions taken or present missions under the heading of being a "matter of National security" you would find most are actually a matter of corporate interests. Not having access to the catalog of these endeavors it is hard to substantiate this claim but consider this:

I would consider a grave MNS as the loss of manufacturing base in this country. Wouldn't you think that having to contract China to build our defense missiles and India to program them would be an MNS tragedy? Yet, that is precisely what we've let happen in effect. And while critics will defend the current state of weapons development as still being home grown, the fact is that we contract with multinational companies to build these devices and those companies have somehow shared certain technologies when necessary even though being forbid to do so. Whether it's missile technologies, super secret quiet submarine propeller designs or satellite technologies, not only has this information gotten to our potential enemies, but they now have the capacity to build it faster and cheaper than we now can, and we helped them do it!

I would also consider a grave MNS as having available and cheap energy. Yet, our MNS focus so far has been on making sure that corporate interests can supply us with that energy. So, all these related MNS missions have truly done is secure corporate interests and income and then GIVEN them the resources they've needed to do it. See

In summary, "matter's of National security" rarely appear to truly be matters which benefit American citizens, save those who are shareholders of the corporate interests those MNS's serve.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Democrat? Republican? Other?

Trying to chose? It's hard I know. Democrats: No Hope. Republicans: False Hope. Libertarians and others: Nothing but hope. Just like the automobile dilemma, maybe a hybrid is a solution. Yeah, a Libertarian who's a Republican! Turn the false hope into true hope. Ron Paul 2008.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Who to vote for?

That one's easy. Ron Paul. Try to find anyone with a voting record that proves he is incorruptible - that would be Ron Paul. Anyone, I mean ANYONE who votes to increase the size of government in anyway is not helping anyone anymore. Here's where we went wrong and why.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Why we DON'T want a bill that regulates fuel costs!

Because the number one supporter of the bill would be the oil companies. I guarantee you that any such bill would be structured to forever protect the oil company's means. As it is currently, the costs rising are going to make alternative technologies competitive and then the oil companies will have to play like Microsoft instead of playing like Saddam (more like a monopoly than a dictator). For the most viable competing technology, see: EVStreet

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

How about NO TAXES?

Sounds ludicrous I know. No taxes? How is our government supposed to pay for anything? And the babies will cry, "how is our government supposed to support us and protect us?"

Well, fear not. I didn't say that the government couldn't have money anymore. But while some emerging groups are proposing a national sales tax to replace income tax (which I like), I like the idea of and simplicity of NO TAXES even more!

So, here's how it works:

1. American citizens pay no taxes.
2. Businesses pay no taxes.
3. Nobody pays taxes anymore, ever again.

That eliminates SO MUCH OVERHEAD, LAWYERS, PAPERWORK, TREE KILLING, TIME WASTED, Prison sentences, court time, taxpayer money - I mean MY GOD - consider the cost of it all!

4. Eliminate the federal reserve. I know, I know, you think I'm some sort of conspiracy nut. But there's a simple reason for it which is:


It practically does it already.  Congress can vote for what the spending limit will be.  This way, no one, rich, poor, legal, illegal, individual, corporation, here in the USA or elsewhere in the world can avoid paying taxes! If you own an American dollar, when congress prints money for it's next round of expenses, you ultimately pay part of that AND SO DOES EVERY POLITICIAN who voted to spend it. Every time they vote to print money, the value of the American dollar will get diluted. Every time the GNP goes up, every person who holds a USA dollar is a share holder in that gain. Just imagine that - the dollar, since it's not worth anything in silver or gold anymore finally becomes like a "share" in the company USA.

Oh, did I mention the side effect of the National Debt ceasing to grow (except for interest)? It's current knowledge that the first 120+ days of the American Worker's pay goes to pay taxes.

Before you run away screaming OMG - the dollar will fall everyday - what a stupid idea! First consider - what does that worry tell you about your government? The entire budgetary process should be kept public so people can see who is responsible for subtracting from their wealth. Right now, when one senator piles on pork to a bill, it has little effect on another senator's pocket. But this would put all senators and congressmen in the same ship as us Americans (notice the distinction I made here). So, the faster they sink it, the faster they sink too.

It's a radical concept but think about it. No escaping, no enforcement and no infrastructure for enforcement and collection - that's a huge one right there. I'll wait for your comments.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

CNN hides answer to prevent Virginia Tech Shooting

Yep, no surprise here. CNN had the historical evidence to help comfort people that there was a solution to stop the kind of killing rampage that went on at Virginia Tech. Oddly enough, the piece of evidence was only 5 years ago, at the Virginia Appalachian School of Law. There, in 2002 another deadly rampage began but two bold students took a risk and ran to their cars, retireved their own weapons and stopped the maniac. Here's the CNN story:

"Police said as Odighizuwa exited the building three other students grabbed and subdued him."

Good job CNN - just skip right over what actually happened. What actually worked. Why Virginia Tech is a slaughter house and Virginia School of Law isn't. Here's the COMPLETE and true story, see if you can see what legislators could have done to prevent most of this tragedy at Virginia Tech:

In Reno Nevada, Priscilla Ford went on a rampage and killed 6 people and wounded 20 others. She did it with a loaded... car (a Lincoln). So spin your wheels passing gun control laws.

Isn't it obvious to anyone with half a brain that the threat of resistance controls the path havoc takes? Guess what path that is... it's the path of least resistance! Let me make the analogy again, if you were determined to rob a bank, would you rob the bank you knew may have at least one person who is carrying a gun or would rob the bank where you knew nobody had a gun? How many gun stores get robbed by armed robbers? COME ON PEOPLE! YOUR BEST DEFENCE IS YOURSELF. ARM YOURSELF.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Virginia Tech Shooting - how to stop this.

I have moved to this site so if you didn't follow me from my previous blogs ( then let me just tell you, I don't candy coat and I like to solve problems, not just wine about them.

I heard someone say, "32 dead, 20 some odd wounded? Wow, sounds like a good day in Iraq." Maybe this is a callus statement but true none-the-less. Why does this shit happen? Here's my analysis:

1. People are too soft. We've now grown two generations of weaklings who never even imagined the concept of the their teacher being able to hit them or their parents delivering corporal punishment. Soft people break under pressure.

2. Unescapable consequences. We have some pretty tough laws for some pretty minor crimes these days and the technology to pursue someone across the globe for them. When you trap an animal in a corner, expect the worst.

Now, I don't know what this kid's gripe was and I don't know if anyone ever will. Maybe he was good at FPS games and after he snapped figured he'd play one last game. I don't think that FPS games are the problem, but they do offer training for people who've got a problem.

So, here's my solutions to prevent these types of massacres:

1. AGAIN, more private citizens trained to carry concealed weapons. - May not have prevented it but it might have stopped it from going this far.
2. Repeal child abuse laws which have gone too far and removed the rights of parents to effectively discipline children. This will help develop stronger character children in the future.
3. Repeal lots of overly aggressive and oppressive laws. This will reduce the number of criminals in our society and create a safety valve for those who "blow" by allowing them to make the decision of a crucial sacrifice besides their own lives.

These three things would help prevent family shooting/suicides as well.

Remember, we have covered the solutions to our problems in stone (laws). Adding more stone (laws) will not solve our problems. It's time to sculpt our solutions which is done by cutting away the stone.

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