Wednesday, May 23, 2007

How about NO TAXES?

Sounds ludicrous I know. No taxes? How is our government supposed to pay for anything? And the babies will cry, "how is our government supposed to support us and protect us?"

Well, fear not. I didn't say that the government couldn't have money anymore. But while some emerging groups are proposing a national sales tax to replace income tax (which I like), I like the idea of and simplicity of NO TAXES even more!

So, here's how it works:

1. American citizens pay no taxes.
2. Businesses pay no taxes.
3. Nobody pays taxes anymore, ever again.

That eliminates SO MUCH OVERHEAD, LAWYERS, PAPERWORK, TREE KILLING, TIME WASTED, Prison sentences, court time, taxpayer money - I mean MY GOD - consider the cost of it all!

4. Eliminate the federal reserve. I know, I know, you think I'm some sort of conspiracy nut. But there's a simple reason for it which is:


It practically does it already.  Congress can vote for what the spending limit will be.  This way, no one, rich, poor, legal, illegal, individual, corporation, here in the USA or elsewhere in the world can avoid paying taxes! If you own an American dollar, when congress prints money for it's next round of expenses, you ultimately pay part of that AND SO DOES EVERY POLITICIAN who voted to spend it. Every time they vote to print money, the value of the American dollar will get diluted. Every time the GNP goes up, every person who holds a USA dollar is a share holder in that gain. Just imagine that - the dollar, since it's not worth anything in silver or gold anymore finally becomes like a "share" in the company USA.

Oh, did I mention the side effect of the National Debt ceasing to grow (except for interest)? It's current knowledge that the first 120+ days of the American Worker's pay goes to pay taxes.

Before you run away screaming OMG - the dollar will fall everyday - what a stupid idea! First consider - what does that worry tell you about your government? The entire budgetary process should be kept public so people can see who is responsible for subtracting from their wealth. Right now, when one senator piles on pork to a bill, it has little effect on another senator's pocket. But this would put all senators and congressmen in the same ship as us Americans (notice the distinction I made here). So, the faster they sink it, the faster they sink too.

It's a radical concept but think about it. No escaping, no enforcement and no infrastructure for enforcement and collection - that's a huge one right there. I'll wait for your comments.


Rudy Amid said...

Sounds good man! Pass the hookah!

fred said...

Awesome! The inflation rate would probably exceed Weimar Germany. People would take off at lunch to cash their paycheks and buy stuff becasue if they waited until after work their purchsing power would have deteriorated another few percent.

BullFighter said...

Finally someone else of has made this idea more public. Thank you "D" for showing me this!