Monday, December 17, 2007

Americans try to bomb Washington!

You heard it right! Washington is under attack. And it's under attack from the American public. Fed up with the bullshit and endless promises to nowhere but down, the American people have started building a bomb they hope to drop on Washington next year. This bomb's name is Ron Paul. It's a very expensive bomb but if it get's dropped, it's targeted right for the presidency. If it explodes on target, many of us hope it will spew truth and anti-corruption tactics into this decaying and infested zone which has eaten away most of the foundation of our country, the constitution. Thereafter it will transform into a machine which tears down the waste, bureaucracy and frees millions of Americans to again be responsible for themselves, inspiring new levels of intelligence in a population which was almost ready for it's government to literally think for them. Finally, restoring sound fiscal policy and saving the American people from a near total loss of wealth. Well, OK, maybe lofty expectations, but he's a definite shot in the right direction.

Like the Matrix, our government sees us all as batteries to feed it's ever growing hunger for power and control. "The One", Ron Paul, like Neo, has amassed an army of "last hope" supporters and has also amassed a complimentary enemy of sellout politicians, lobbiests and special interests who were continually confounded in their attempts to corrupt Ron Paul for his last 10 years in Congress.

Whether you like everything Ron Paul thinks and says or not, he is the only candidate we have you can truly vote FOR instead of trying to figure out who to vote against. Help us complete and deploy the "Ron Paul Bomb" on Washington. Please learn more and donate to:

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