Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The illegal drug racket is alive and well, and it thanks you.

As a father of a beautiful teenage girl who I thought I had lost to drugs, I can tell you now that she is alive and well.  But my heart breaks as I have yet to see her now because she is afraid to come back home.  At 15 years old, she is now afraid to face the police who will now, like thoughtless robots, enforce the tragic train of victimless crimes she will now be charged with.  And while she is trying to better herself, she thinks she must stay on the run for fear of being caught, and then placed side by side with the very tainted people she is now trying to stay away from.  The crime of drugs is the crime.  You can say that drugs make the problem, but they are as inanimate as guns - it takes people with motives to make the problems with them.  

So I wonder, who was motivated first?  The child who used the drugs, or the person who made them available to that child because there was money in it?  I'm going to go with the money – a bet that’s usually never wrong.  And why was there money in it?  Because it's a protected racket.  A baggie of seeds less dangerous than a bottle Jack Daniels sells for 10 times as much!  And not because they’re hard to grow. 

Gangs need and like money.  They're violent, vicious and blunt headed antagonists.  Their best bet for making money?  The highest profit?  Nope, not theft.  Drugs.  Again, not because drugs hard to make.  It's because we make them hard to buy.  The drug cartels in Mexico are big enough to militarily take on their own government.  They don't make that kind of money needed for that power by opening coffee shops and paying taxes.  They don't even make it off producing child pornography, human trafficking, stolen credit cards, or any other modern crimes.  Drugs.  Many people are unaware that covert government operations not approved by congress are often funded from drug money that was made by government operatives in foreign countries - that is how profitable we have made the drug trade!

I have friends in law enforcement.  Most of them are too close to be able to see the bigger picture.  It's easier for them to believe and obey their chain of bosses.  I enjoy their company but I do wish they would long for being called Peace Officers once again instead of the heady, chest puffing title of "law enforcement."  It just says shows how mechanized and heartless their function has become.  My daughter has recovered from the drugs, but she has not recovered from the law.  I only hope that if she encounters "the law" again, she is strong enough and smart enough to stay away from of it, like a drug.

I have no doubt that the filter of the drug conspiracy, which collects so many of the less fortunate people through these deceitful drug prohibition laws, eventually overflowing with a resulting sludge of humanity, is seen as the problem itself by those who have to deal with it every day.  But for many people, falling down is also a "twelve step" process and only the last few steps are taken to blame by most in law enforcement.  Thus, the real culprit, the racket we’ve made the illegal drug industry through prohibitive laws, escapes time after time.  And most every time, the real public servants, who are often persecuted, as they attempt to dispatch this culprit at the ballot box, those people are looked at as kooks - like Ron Paul.  Yet, in the hypocrisy of legal alcohol, we spend billions of dollars every year, destroy millions of lives and families and allow to thrive, violent criminals who are paid very well, by the illegal drug industry.

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