Sunday, January 27, 2013

We the people need a label we can use too!

Let's quit beating around the bush. If you believe in the 2nd amendment then you must realize that ultimately, it was included to prevent the advance of tyranny, be it foreign or domestic. Tyranny can be conducted in the course of minutes by individuals who seek a few minutes of complete domination of their victims. Or, it can be conducted over hours, days or weeks by small groups who are somewhat organized and better armed than their intended victims (gangs, corrupted police and governmental departments, organized crime-Mobsters and more). Or..., it can be conducted over decades by an unstoppable government which has grown so greedy and hungry that total domination (tyranny) over its citizens is its last stop to meet its hunger.

In the case of the latter two, those groups are likely to be armed well above a shot gun or a revolver or a gun with a magazine limit of seven rounds. While it is more likely that a conflict in which a firearm would be beneficial to the victim would come from common criminals and those who are not mentally stable, the long standing but less likely threat from the larger groups and governments (including ours) can only be ultimately deterred if the citizens have access to respectable firepower in the same class as that which is likely to be used against them.

It's hard to imagine that anything here in the USA could ever come to that point where armed revolutions start breaking out throughout our union, but it happened here twice, and it happens throughout the world often.

If you have faith that our government will never commit such tyrannical acts against us, then you're short on your history and you're ignoring the daily evidence that it's continuing to lessen the power of the individual in every way - and to what end?

The government's latest tool is to label someone a "terrorist" or something a "terrorist organization". This label is now being used for some of the most ordinary of suspicions because it yields such power. Once this label is applied, you're suddenly not a whole citizen any longer and your rights are fewer, and their powers are far greater. So I propose that we, the citizens of the US, create our own label for those in government who continue to seek to diminish our individual powers, or those who support ideas which reduce our rights and liberties. Those people should be called "tyrannists". And maybe, if that label sticks, it will at least help that person out of their job.

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