Sunday, September 9, 2012

"The Art of War" was written by the Chinese.

This famous text, "The Art of War" was believed to have been originally written around 600 B.C. by Sun Wu, who was recorded in the "Grand Historian" and the Spring and Autumn period Annals in the State of Wu in ancient China during that period. If you've never read this short and great collective of philosophy and tactics to waging war successfully, you'd be surprised at its' direct and machine like theories.

Much later there was a famous saying here in the US you may have heard, "speak softly and carry a big stick", courtesy of the 26th President of the United States (POTUS), Theodor Roosevelt.

PRIME POINT: But, one doesn't need to read the Art of War or recall our 26th POTUS's quote to understand that positioning yourself for power or to challenge power is best done with the utmost silence and during times of poor visibility. From the time of our rise as the world's most powerful nation, many of us including myself have tried to warn our leaders that China will surpass us if we do not stay ever vigilant, if this crown is to be ours.

But alas, most of our leaders are ignorant or succumb to greed and short sightedness and have thus not only not been vigilant, but have helped the rise of China. So let's review some things quickly:

1. We know Chinese currency manipulation is what allows China to be a prime exporter. Thus, they get our cash, we get their plastic. See "PRIME POINT" above.

2. China is advancing their military strength. See "PRIME POINT" above.

3. Chinese manufacturing has eclipsed or will eclipse US manufacturing shortly. *There are many economists saying they have already. Of course, China will not let this be known until the very last second. See "PRIME POINT" above.

4. China has exceeded advanced US medical capabilities for accessing genetic information (no link - source Popular Science October 2012 page 6 , RE: Animal to human viruses, "Dr. Chui also mentioned that a single Chinese company has more than 160 of the deep-sequencing machines we need to identify those sources. As of last year, he told me, that's more than we had in the whole United States). See "PRIME POINT" above.

5. China's been on a massive land grab for sometime now.

And there's probably a dozen or more additional other major categories we could go through this exercise on. The Chinese are not arrogant or egotistical as we can be. They're much more practical and concerned with function. Short-term thinking is not part of their nature. This philosophy can be seen in the spirit of their text, "The Art of War". The point is, if you think they're going to warn us before they make their alpha male move... you're wrong. If you're thinking that the things I've said, things that maybe you've heard elsewhere and have chosen to ignore, are all just conspiracy theories, then you're helping us lose whatever upcoming challenge they are preparing - just as our "patriotic" leaders have in the past and continue to do now. There's two kinds of animals on the Ranch, the cattle and the Ranchers, which are you?

I'm not saying China is our enemy. I'm saying the Chinese government is an efficient, calculating, focused, relentless and patient machine. It will steam roll us as a matter of necessity or blind ambition. Are we going to continue to be the road for them or will we rise again and make our own roadway as we did in the years when we became great?

As is the theme of my blog here, I try to offer solutions and not just rant about the problems like many others do. SO, I still stand by the solutions I offered in my text I wrote back in 2002.

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