Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Liberty, our first and biggest mistake!

When blamers sit down and try to pin the doom and gloom of our economy on the likely suspects, they quickly become short-sighted thinkers. Certainly, there are people and organizations through time which have contributed to our downfall. I think most Americans are finally wising up to the fact that it's not the Republicans, it's not the Democrats, it's not Bush Sr, Clinton, Bush Jr and, it's not O'Bama. It's all of them! Almost every leader after Thomas Jefferson and some before, at one point made the crucial error that contributes to where we are today.

And while O'Bama appears to have the heaviest foot on the accelerator pedal to our doom, he jumped in the driver's seat while the car was already moving. Ron Paul made a statement to a reporter that "liberty is a package." After some thought on that, I expanded on that to realize that more than a package, liberty was a precious child who's life was saved by the mortal sacrifice of forefathers who gave their lives in hopes that we would take care of this child.

But like a human child, we parents can not choose which part to raise. We can't tickle him to hear that uplifting giggle, but not change his diaper. We can't play ball with him and ignore feeding him. The child, Liberty is a package. You have to take the good with the bad. The liberty to control your own health care means we also have to stop the drug war. To have freedom on the internet, we can't ban pornography. But like a child, there's so much more good than bad. And like a child, the future potential is almost limitless. It is the potential of Liberty realized that built America and what we were. And now, it is Liberty whored that leaves us so powerless to change our course. As the saying goes, those who trade liberty for security shall have neither.

And this, is where we made our first and biggest mistake. The day we started selling off Liberty, was the beginning of the end. Our government would not be as huge and out of control as it is today, if we had not started giving our Liberty to it in the days before. Everything that is wrong with government today can be drawn back to some point where a Liberty lost allowed this to occur. Every time we make our government stronger, we grow weaker. This is because the power of our government over us comes from us. The more of that power we give it by selling off our liberties, the less power we have. The very first time we allowed our Liberty to be compromised, in the least way, was the very beginning of what we have today.

There was a happy medium. A time when government was powerful enough to protect us, but weak enough to respect us and serve us. But because there wasn't a sufficient regulator on the growth and size of government, it soon became its own creature, fulfilling its own needs and desires without regard to us. And now, like a cancer that eventually kills the body that gives it life, government, without restraint, will not stop growing until it is too late and the once great America ceases to be a contender on the world stage.

Of course, hope still lies in the fact that government is made of people. But there are too many people who will take part in government for their own benefit regardless of the harm it does to the rest of us. These are usually politicians who accept graft or are shallow thinkers.

In the stage of contenders for the office of the President in 2012, I know of only one man who has respected the people, their constitution and followed through on his words and beliefs. Only one man who has fought to deliver the same message to Americans for over 20 years, Liberty must be restored. Who doesn't vote with his heart, but votes with the constitution though sometimes his heart says otherwise. Who does not bend to suit his audience or peers. Who knows how to compromise in politics, but has never compromised the constitution. And, the only man I trust to save this country.

Every election cycle, too many Americans are charmed by a pretty face, believe all the words that come out its mouth, and cast their votes for it. For some reason, they don't stop to look and see what that person has really done for the people and how steadfast he is. They fail to realize that the best leader we could have, is someone who believes in the constitution and lives by it and doesn't not consider himself above the people. That person is boring, delivering the same correct but boring parental lecture year after year, to the same deaf ears. So who wants that guy? Just because he's humble but really intelligent, right and honorable and has more integrity than the entire Congress combined? Who wants to vote for that guy? Someone who news agencies seek out for opinions whenever the economy swoons because he's more knowledgeable about the economy than anyone else in government? He, whose name shall not be mentioned because it incites fear in the ignorant and the status quo? Yeah, who wants to vote for that guy? I did before and I'll do it again. If you don't know who I'm talking about now, then you're a victim of media bias. RP

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