Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Watching the fiasco with bail outs, the stimulus package and now health care, it should be apparent to every American that our Legal system is grossly corrupted, inept and out of date.

When you talk to people about what the current legislation proposed for health care is, no one even knows. They don't know because 1. it's changeable in the process (a moving target), 2. they've not read it (lazy, incompetent or too laden with pork to get through and comprehend), 3. they never got a chance to read it (its been purposely guarded or cloaked in order to push through special interest riders).

The problem we have allowed to grow is that we don't look at the work of our politicians, rather, we find it easier to believe what they tell us. I think politicians should be required (by public expectations) to draft all the legislation they're going to supposedly propose when they get into office before they get elected. And, that alone is exposed to the masses to vote on. Not, what he looks like, how he speaks, how many kids he has or what church he attends. These are all things that can be made into props and frequently are.

But an even better solution would be if all Bills could be scrutinized by the public or.. even written! We have the technology to make everything sensible, simple, common, fair and OPEN! It's called... WIKI. That's right - how about drafting legislation through the Wiki process? No more problems with access, input, openness and so on. The public has already demonstrated it's ability draft a complete encyclopedia. Could congress do that and get it's facts right???

Well, although I did conceive this idea myself, others have as well. So maybe I'm not as crazy as you think - here are few more:
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