Monday, February 16, 2009

One simple law to fix the entire economy.

It couldn't be easier. This proves that government WANTS our economy to dive. If this one simple law were passed, it would fix the economy in less than a year. It would pass with ease as it would be very popular with government employees. Are you ready? Here it is: Pass a law adding 90 new government holidays to calendar. That would give the rest of us an additional 90 days of relief from their meddling and insane legislation. Imagine - 90 whole days of productivity added to the each calendar year! It maybe enough for the rest of us to catch up and fix this mess they've made. After all, legislatures don't work on government holidays. Most government agencies are closed on government holidays. The rest of us usually still work and carry on. Who wouldn't vote for that?

OK, that one's a serious solution but it may not seem to most like a serious answer to drive for. But you have to ask yourself this: almost everyone in America knows that small business employs about 70% of all Americans. Why, isn't there a major segment of the "stimulus plan" dedicated to stimulating small businesses? For example, a $25,000 start up grant. 0% loans? This is the absolute BEST place to stimulate the economy. But, you'll never see it happen. Again, ask yourself why. There's only two possible answers. 1. They don't really want it to happen or don't care. 2. They're just that stupid.

Are there any more possible reasons I'm missing?

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