Wednesday, September 24, 2008

McCain, Obama, the same, more drama.

It costs something like $100 million dollars to buy a shot at the white house. Neither McCain or OBama have that kind of wealth to risk. So, somebody has to anti-up. Those somebodies are due an awful lot of favors when their boy gets into office. The smartest of those somebodies know the way to be sure you get the favors you need is to invest in both guys. There are a lot of those smart ones. Thus, both OBama and McCain have a lot of common favors that are due. This is why a two party system works so well! If it were a four or more party system, the cost would be twice or more times as much to make sure your bases were covered and you got your needed favors. And, a one party system just doesn't give the illusion of fairness.

OK, so we have a system that works well for corruption and cronyism. But what we need is one that doesn't. The main problem is that people have been trained to seek the advice of a few simple media outlets. People are lazy and the media that takes the least effort to absorb and provides the most entertainment is the most popular media. And, those media outlets ultimately profit from the expenses of campaigns and are owned by huge conglomerates who also get "favors" from their political investments.

The internet has opened a vast number of new channels which are outside of the control of the primary media providers. Thus, quite a few more candidates made it farther in this race than before. But still, the system in place won and will continue to win. What happened to Ron Paul is perfect example of such. And, most people would never devote the time and effort necessary to uncover and absorb the real story - it's easier to believe what the main media outlets are willing to say.

As with all else, the best way to be fully aware and qualified to make the decisions you as a voter must make is for those decisions to be in the context of your daily life and local to you. That way, you're much better informed and aware when you make those decision. This is why more local control is better because you then have more control over the issues that affect you. Yet, being lazy, it's easier to foist our issues and their decisions onto someone else who is ultimately farther away and cares less but can easily see what's in it for him. And through the years we've done this to the point that the Federal government is the size that it is and is as invasive as it is.

If you vote Democrat or Republican Party for Party sake, your perpetuating the problem, regardless of what fears those parties have used to stir you with. Think about it - what do they always say? What are they the most afraid of? They're afraid you'll "throw your vote away." What they're really afraid of is that they'll lose control. Don't be a coward, vote for someone who's outside of the two puppet parties. No one office controls the government. If you accidentally put an ape into office, not much will change. But, putting an ape into office will upset the two party corruption machine if you do it enough.

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