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The Zealot Witch Project. Child Sex hysteria.

Kitty Porn, Kiddie Pron, child formography and all the correct spellings. Folks, welcome to the modern day witch hunt. Where, yes, by simply clicking on a link to website sponsored by the FBI (which has no actual illegal content) you can get the treat of being pulled out of your house at 7:00am, thrown on the ground and hand cuffed. And then, of course, if they find ANYTHING, not only are you screwed right there on the ground but the rest of your life is destroyed. This is thought police pure and simple ala Minority Report.

Child pornography is a HUGE HUGE HUGE problem. Consider that Operation ORE,
a large scale international police effort to indict website users of Child Pornography since 1999 has netted 7,250 suspect, 4,283 homes searched, 3,744 arrests, 1,848 charged, 1,451 convictions, 493 cautioned, 879 investigations underway, 140 children removed from suspected dangerous situations and at least 35 suicides. That's 1,451 convictions on a planet of almost 6 Billion people or 0.00000024%, 1 in 4 million. . Certainly, it's well worth the extraordinary expense and time, the changing legislation and pursuing with prejudice.

Why do we let this happen? Some of you may think that the end results justify the means. Child sex crimes are deplorable, worse than murder itself. Why? Because most of the victims of childhood sex abuse are so scared from the event that they would rather have been killed than survive to adulthood and enjoyed life. Their lives are destroyed, they commit crimes and hurt people for the rest of their lives making them complete liabilities for society and an utter waste of sympathy by the time their lives have run their course. Obviously this crime is worthy of the death penalty. It's justified. The victims have no life left, it's been taken from them. They can not enjoy the sunshine, a smile on their mother's face, none of them have the desire to have children and know the joy of parenting. They can no longer achieve anything of value and so there is no further appreciation for life. Euthanasia appeals to them and they want to die alone. Or so I've heard. Although, I've known quite a few people who were the "victims" of childhood sexual abuse (at least as the law defines it). Not one of them I know of suffers from these stereotypes but maybe I know all those who are the exceptions to the above. Don't take my sarcasm the wrong way. Child abuse is deplorable, whether it's sexual or otherwise. It's our definition of abuse that has gotten WAY beyond sensible and effective.

But, if you still think the laws and the zealot enforcement of them is justified, well then, we are no longer a nation of laws. We have become a nation of suspicion. We speculate as to who will break the law and then punish them before any crime is ever committed. This has happened before in the history of our country: the Salem Witch Trials, WWII Japanese Internment Camps, and others throughout history. And, hot on the tail of this latest fad of enforcement and hysteria is the whole terrorism show. But that's another rant for another day.

We are so sensitive to the crime of child sexual abuse that we have elevated the priority of punishment of that crime above all others including murder and even mass murder. If you look at the sentencing and time served of people who have had sexual relationships with children, it is often harsher than those of murderers. And, the treatment of those who are sentenced, once in prison, is harsher by their own piers. Furthermore, there is lifelong persecution thereafter once a long time has been served by being identified forever on a public sex offender's list and having to register every time you move. This is insanity! Where is the equity in punishment? I was raised with the traditional rules of morality and murder was the highest crime. Now, child pornography, child sex, drugs, and terrorism all seem to rate higher if you go by the level of punishment.

Here's how far it's gone. If you draw a picture suggesting sex with a minor, in the law's eye you're a sex offender and you've broken the law. But, you can produce and sell a whole video game where you run simulations of committing mass murder in an elementary school with a assault rifle and that's entertainment.

If my child (and I have three) is in a dark alley alone and I had to chose if the stranger in front of her is a sex offender or a serial killer, sorry folks, maybe I'm twisted here, but I'm choosing the sex offender. Because I value her life more than her virginity. The idea of the loss of the later is revolting and turns my stomach. But the loss of her forever? I would never get over that. That could destroy me.

Furthermore, the definition of a murderer is crystal clear compared to that of a sex offender. To be a murderer, someone has to die (uh - gee, it has a victim???). To be a sex offender, you could be anything from someone who pissed on the street to someone who downloaded naughty child images to someone who had sex with a 15yo when you were 17 or actually assaulted to someone who raped and maybe even killed children. While the law may treat you differently based on what "tier" of sex offender you are, the general title seems to be treated equally by those who would persecute sex offenders.

Many convicted sex offenders were in consensual circumstances where no one was harmed. And yet, the elder of the couple has had their lives destroyed. It has been proven that minors who are a party in consensual sex have very little if any provable social abnormalities and rarely consider themselves victims.

Intentional or not, legislators and governments are using the hysteria of child related sex crimes to steal our liberties and gain control of lives - many laws have been enacted to curtail or punish the use of the internet when related to these activities. But these enforcement facilities go well beyond the scope of what is necessary to do the job, allowing their utility to be explored and its power to be abused in other areas.

Fad hysterias which come and go through the ages are ultimately the tools of those in power and nearly always hurt society by creating chaos of otherwise sensible moral priorities in our society. Child molestation and sex offender laws are the example of the day. Our irrational reaction to these crimes has, unchecked, allowed for some of the most excessive punishments and broad definitions of criminal acts to infect our justice system. The cost, not only in terms of dollars but in innocent soles is just not worth the benefit of being able to make life more difficult than it already was for hard core offenders. Assault and Murder are still the worst crimes, we shouldn't dilute that by letting our emotions change the legislation that was put in place to reflect that.

Added 01-14-2009 It takes a study to prove hysteria- NYT

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